Kamovci21, a family owned ranch and farmhouse, is located in an ancient Pannonian sea in the East of Slovenia, just a couple of kilometres from Hungarian border. Deep in the Slovenian countryside in the area where the sun shines 1913 hours a year, colourful scenery offers you a charming getaway for reconnecting with the nature and enjoying the beauty of the endless fields.

Living in harmony with our horses, Kamovci21 is both charming and inspiring. Enjoying the sun and the fresh air on the ranch or experiencing hidden gems in the area. A unique property where a modern bohemian mindset is carefully combined with tradition and authenticity.  

Down to the last detail, everything comes from the heart of the family with two daughters, who decided to take a step back from everyday rush and started to appreciate simple things in life. Warm welcome to everybody who would like experience the beauty of our ranch. 

"Kamovci21 is our happy place and we are looking forward to share this feeling with you."

∼ Barbara and Lea